Mom's Art of Giving
Food donation program
Feb 28 — March 29, 2015
Our mother, who goes by many names like Amma, Ma, Mom, has fed us good food and great thoughts all our lives. In fact, through her beautiful rice flour Kolam(floor art) designs, she has nurtured her environment by feeding the birds, squirrels and other little creatures in it.
On February 28, she moves on to a new chapter of life; free of the worries of bringing up children and paying bills. She retires from a career that she put her heart and soul into, helped many people with and to top it all, enjoyed everyday!
To celebrate her 60th birthday, and to kick-start her retirement life, we are organising a Food Donation Program where we aim to feed at least 60 people. We are also raising funds to make this program successful.
You can celebrate with us by contributing towards the event and Delhi Foodbanking Network - the organisation that has partnered with us.
Help us add more food to every plate and create a well-fed, healthy future.
Thank you.
Kritika & Kavita
J. Srinivasan (Dad)
How can you contribute?

Donate Online

To use your credit card, debit card or Paypal account, Visit Our Page on Milaap.

Donate via Bank Transfer

Kindly mail
with your name and location (India or outside India), and we will mail the bank details of the organisation.

Donate Cash

Make your contributions in our mother's office on Feb 28.

Syndicate Bank 
B 12, Green Park Extension
New Delhi - 110016

Serve Food

On March 29, 2015, we will visit a shelter home and serve food to over 60 children.

If you would like to join us, please mail for program details.

What does it cost to feed a child?
One Nutritional Meal = ₹ 21 (35 ¢)
Everyday, for a month = ₹ 630 ( $11 )
Everyday, for a year = ₹ 7560 ( $122 )

All contributions received in India are eligible for Deduction under Section 80G.